Saturday, April 30, 2011

iPad 2 is out of stock in India

Apple's iPad 2 hit Indian stores on Friday, just over a month after the company started selling the updated version of its popular tablet device in the United States

The iPad 2, a thinner and faster version that features two cameras for video chat, is priced between 29,500 rupees and 46,900 rupees, depending on the model.

"We are completely sold out. We've got advance bookings now," said Rahul Sharma, a sales assistant at iWorld, one of Apple's premium resellers, in New Delhi.
According to the Apple customer support and the Apple premium partners, Apple is working on availability of the product, but the second shipment would come only after 10 days.

Customers have the option to buy an iPad 2 with 16, 32 or 64 GB of memory and can choose a model that works only on Wi-Fi or on both Wi-Fi and 3G.
The first iPad - which went on sale a year ago - sold 300,000 units on the first day, 500,000 in the first week, and crossed the 1 million unit mark in 28 days.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Facebook Opens Door to New Data Center, Invites the World In

Facebook wants to extend the idea of community sharing and collaboration to the hardware space, and it's starting with its own new data center, built with a slew of green tech innovations. All of the specs and designs for the center are available online at the Open Compute Project, which Facebook intends to be a hub for exchanging ideas that could trigger energy-efficiency improvements.
Facebook launched the Open Compute Project Thursday in a move that might reshape the IT hardware industry.

The project offers for public use tech specs and data about the custom-engineered technology developed for Facebook's first dedicated data center in Prineville, Ore.

That technology has increased the energy efficiency in the data center by 38 percent while slashing costs by 24 percent, Facebook claims.

The tech specs and mechanical CAD files for the data center's servers, power supplies, server racks, battery backup systems and building design are available at the Open Compute website.

Google CEO first Blunder

The Google founder is now CEO, and already he's taken 

a wrong turn on social networking

Larry Page, who started as CEO on Monday, wasted no time changing the company's focus and direction. He implemented a  major reorganization in his first week, installing smart loyalists to head various product groups. They'll have more autonomy and report directly to Page. Great idea, Larry!
Google's new king screwed up royally, however, when he sent a companywide memo  tying 25% of every employee's bonus to Google's success in social. As one commenter put it, Page tied all Google bonuses to
" Facebook envy"

Why the social incentive was a mistake
Only a small fraction of Google's employees are involved in social services. So why is Page incentivizing everybody?
Page wants employees to advocate Google's social networking features to family and friends. "When we release products, try them and encourage your family and friends to do the same," he wrote in the memo. Allegedly.
Call it the "Spam Grandma for Cash" program.
Page also wants, no doubt, to apply internal peer pressure to employees directly involved in social features to get off their butts and beat Facebook. Imagine the Google social teams huddled together in the cafeteria trying to ignore icy stares from all directions -- including the kitchen staff.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Intel to launch X79 Express chipset for Sandy Bridge E enthusiast processors

A Chinese Web site has posted a slide showing a new Intel chipset that’s designed to work with the company’s forthcoming Sandy Bridge E processors (”E” standing for “enthusiast”). The X79 Express will replace the X58 as the top desktop chipset when the new high-performance CPUs are launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

Along with the new processors and chipsets, Intel will roll out a new socket, the LGA2011. The X79 fully supports two PCIe x16 lanes, has 14 SATA ports — including 10 of the 6Gbps flavor — and possesses 8 ports that support SAS. There are 14 USB 2.0 ports, but no mention of USB 3.0 connections — or Thunderbolt ports, for that matter. PCI x1 support is eliminated.

Sandy Bridge E processors will replace the Gulftown-based Extreme six-core CPUs as the top performers in Intel’s desktop lineup. Needless to say, one of the new processors, along with an X79 Express motherboard, will set you back a pretty penny or two (or, more accurately, thousands and thousands of pennies). Start saving.

Mercury Never Seen Before

Historic Photos Reveal a Mercury Never Seen Before

Of the four rocky planets in our solar system -- Earth, Mars and Venus are the other three -- Mercury is the smallest, the densest, the one with the oldest surface, the one with the largest daily variations in surface temperature, and the least explored. Of particular interest is whether Mercury migve some vestige of a magnetic core. "The only reason we have an atmosphere and don't die is because of our magnetic field," noted SLU professor Paul Czysz.

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft on Tuesday and Wednesday captured and delivered to Earth the first photographs of Mercury ever taken from within the planet's orbit.

Indian Company saves thousand of Jobs in United States

India-based companies have been responsible for saving thousands of jobs in the US in recent years, as they have continued to hire locally wherever they have put down roots, according to a new report by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
The study 'Indian Roots, American Soil: A Look at Indian Companies in the US Economy' was released on Capitol Hill during CII's event highlighting the jobs and investments created by Indian companies in the US. 
It was attended by Senator John Cornyn, Co-chair of Senate India Caucus, Congressman Jim McDermott and Congressman Joseph Crowley, Co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, besides Meera Shankar, the Indian Ambassador to the US. 

Based on a survey of 35 CII-India Business Forum member companies, the study concluded that since 2005, nearly two-thirds of Indian companies have added jobs to their US operations. 

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